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Maria G. Gaucin - Sound Designer Demo Reel

The Blacksmith

In this class, we worked on both the linear cinematic video and interactive gameplay for The Blacksmith.  This was to help us understand that the process of creating sounds is the same for both games and films.  

Cinematic Video Demo

We gathered sources from a sound library, recorded foley and ADR.  These sounds included ambience both indoor, outdoor, stingers, footsteps on stone, clothing, weapons, wooden chair, doors, and glowing metal pieces.


Using Pro Tools as our DAW, we were given a spotting sheet to place our assets.  Once our assets were in place, the next step was to mix it.  Our goal was to follow the spotting sheet as closely as possible and get a great mix.


I worked on the ADR, sound effects editing and final mix for the cinematic demo.

Gameplay Demo

We had to design our game level assets using natural sources we gathered from a sound library and combined them with our own recorded ones.  We were not allowed to use pre-designed or pre-processed sounds.  These consisted of pickup sounds, outdoor ambience, footsteps on stone, wood, grass, clothing, weapons, stingers and a special magic loop.

Using Wwise, we imported our assets and began the audio implementation.  We needed to make sure we followed the implementation sheet given to us exactly or else our sounds wouldn't work correctly in the game.  I mixed the game in Wwise creating a soundcaster session and making the necessary changes after playing the game.

I worked on sound design, ADR, audio implementation and mixing for the gameplay demo.

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