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Audio Production

It's always a blast having Alianza in the studio.  The guys came in ready to record their new single "Como Mirarte" by Sebastián Yatra and Mauricio Rengifo.

Production Credits:

Artist/Band Name:  Alianza

Song Title:  "Como Mirarte"

Genre:  Regional Mexican/Norteño

Songwriter(s):  Sebastián Yatra/Mauricio Rengifo

Publisher(s):  N/A

Label or Production Company:  PMG Music Group (Independent)

Producer(s):  Alianza/Maria Gaucin

Engineer:  Maria Gaucin

Recording Studio or Location:  Urbana Recording Studio

Recording Dates:  March 30, 2018

DAW(s):  Pro Tools

Drums:  Arturo Robles

Bass:  Michael Davila

Bajo Sexto:  Michael Cantu

Percussion:  Nicholas Serenil

Accordion:  Jose Robles

Lead Vocal:  Jose Robles

Backing Vocals:  Jose Robles

Como Mirarte - Alianza
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